Product Gallery: (Vehicle PC, Car PC, Embedded PC and Mini PC )

Compact, high performance Car PC (vehicle PC, auto PC / carputer / car computer) aimed at automotive / car PC hardware customers and telematics system integrators. Automotive ready: Eliminating in-car power issues,SD-OMEGA Car PC solutions are the perfect high performance mobile car PC solution providing a versatile, low cost navigation and infotainment hardware platform.

We can offer OEM service to meet your project requirement. Optional for OEM system.

If you have customised project requirement of Car PC and Vehicle PC, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional engineers would like to provide you completed solution.


10 Advantages of SD-OMEGA Vehicle PC:

  • Complete Fanless
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +70 Degree
  • Internal: GPS, LTE/3G, WIFI, GSM GPRS, BT
  • Dual SIM Card
  • Dual Sata
  • 9V to 32V Input Smarter Vehicle Power Ignition
  • 4 Channel D1 Resolution @120fps for Analog Cameras
  • 4 IP Digital Cameras
  • DIO Port: 4 In, 4 Out
  • CPU: I7, I5, I3 AMD, D2550, D525, N2800, N2600